Day 12 Friday Buckwheat (Memil) noodle with assorted mushroom & chard

End of the semester is coming and this means always more things to do…

So I needed something quick but healthy and yummy at the same time.

The other day, I went to an asian grocery store in Wittenbergplatz to get some tofu and I bought also a package of buckwheat noodle. I didn’t know what buckwheat was when I tried buckwheat pancake during my hiking in Nepal last summer.¬† Anyway it was tasty and now I know what Buckwheat is!

It’s said that Buckwheat has more nutritional value compared to normal wheat and when I saw the buckwheat noodle, I was thinking of making an warm noodle soup. It’s getting cold again in Berlin.

So here you have what you need for this dish:

Assorted mushrooms (I used black tree mushroom & shiitake mushroom, in Korean Mok-i & Phyo-go), Tofu, Chard,

Buckwheat noodle, soy sauce, one clove of garlic, half of onion, some alga for vegetable stock, sesame oil

IMG_0082 IMG_0083

How to make it? (for one person)

1. Prepare around 300ml of water and soak shiitake & black tree mushroom. Also add in some alga for more flavour.(But if you are using fresh mushroom, you don’t need to soak them in water) Let it for around 30mins so that the water gets some flavour.

2. Boil water with mashed garlic & onion cut in ring and of course, with the mushroom & alga.

3. Get rid of the alga and put the noodle into the boiling water.

4. Add some sliced tofu and season with soy sauce. Boil around 7-8 minutes until the noodle is tender.

5. One minute before the noodle is ready, add some sliced chard (1 minute is enough for the chard)

6. Add a tsp of sesame oil and serve.

Buckwheat noodle with assorted mushroom and chard

Buckwheat noodle with assorted mushroom and chard

In the evening, I made three different bread spreads for a birthday party of a friend of mine. I was a little bit afraid that I wouldn’t have anything to eat together with others. To my surprise, my friend prepared everything vegan! Two different salads and guacamole. The bread spreads were a sort of my new creation and they were not exactly super delicious but were ok. The base of two spreads was cooked white bean. I made one with spinach, tahini and lemon juice and the other with roasted bell pepper, cashew nut and lemon juice. The roasted bell pepper one tasted good but had the color of mixed mayo & ketchup =(¬†Maybe that’s why many people asked me what it was…well next time, I might decorate the bread spread or dip with the main ingredient so that people can recognize what it is.



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