Day 1, Bosung’s grocery shopping list & menu

Finally I started going vegan today! I wanted to start it earlier but had to clean up all the animal-based produce in my fridge first and it took more time than I thought. I gave the last portion of fish thai curry and some feta cheese to a friend of mine(thanks for your help!!) and finally started my little project today.

Vegan breakfast is actually pretty easy and you don´t need to go fancy at all.  I heard from some people that they are not rich so that they can´t go vegan. But people, you really don´t need to be rich to have plant-based diet! I agree that it could be more expensive with certain vegan diet, especially when you want to stick to faked animal-based produce such as soy meat, vegan cheese, vegan sausage, etc. But we don´t need all these products! What we need to learn is how to prepare nice vegan meal without the help of those products.

I´ve tried some vegan recipes and it is true that it´s much easier to make yummy meal adding meat, cheese and cream but I believe that it is because we are accustomed to those recipes. And these days, there are so many nice vegan recipe info. online and it´s quite interesting to learn how to cook all again!


So my breakfast was a slice of whole wheat bread topped with sliced banana and cinnamon powder, slighly baked on toaster and a bowl of warm fruit salad (apple, pear, cherry and banana) like you can see on the above picture!

I didn´t cook lunch by myself and went for lunch in the cafeteria of where I study. Compared to Korea, Germany, maybe especially Berlin is way more vegetarian and vegan friendly, I think. Every menu at the cafeteria in Free University in Berlin has a sign of rather Vegan, Vegetarian and Bio. I was surprised to know that there are pretty many vegan options and I chose some rice and a sort of thick vegetable sauce with asparagus, mushroom and carrot. And I got a side salad. Although I made a mistake of putting soy sauce instead of balsamic venegar for my salad, lunch was pretty good.

On the way back home, I went to an asia supermarket and got three cans of coconut milk, two different kinds of beans and tofu. I also got some couscous, peanut butter and dried apricot in another market.

I got a huge coliflower as a gift from a friend of mine so today’s dinner will be a sort of aloo gobi (potato cauliflower curry) but I will mix in some lentils and use Nepalese dal baht curry powder.

I will post some pictures later!

Wish me luck!

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