Day 15 Lunch – Tender Wheat grain Vegetable Paella at school cafeteria

Monday is my day to go to Mensa (school cafeteria in German) at my university.

This time, I made a picture of the menu screen – although there were some people who were looking at me suspiciously and before I had my dish, I took a picture! But I used my phone camera so the quality is pretty bad.

mensa menu

The green tree sign means vegan!

This is how Tender wheat grain(in German Ebly, but I don’t think that every german knows this word) vegetable paella looks like. I enjoyed the dish pretty much but there was nothing to see with paella in it. Personally, I don’t like this type of fake name. Well…maybe they thought it could be more appealing if they put an exotic name like paella…?

For dinner, I made a carrot potato cream soup. Too many potatoes in my kitchen yet……



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