Day 19 Lunch Korean Side dish(Ban-chan) special

On thursday night, I was invited to a friend of mine from Korea. She knew that I was vegetarian but it was like a year ago since I had seen her last so I didn’t feel like saying her that I was doing vegan these days. I didn’t want to make her prepare some special dishes for me.

But to my surprise, except the egg roll, I ate almost everything. Rice, Doenjang(Soy bean paste) soup with mushroom and tofu, Jabchae with broccoli and mushroom, seasoned seaweed, spicy raddish salad, etc…it was so delicious and since then, I am feeling that I want to eat more Korean food.

So for friday lunch, I made three different Korean side dishes(Ban-chan in Korean).

Three Korean Side Dishes(Banchan)

Three Korean Side Dishes(Banchan)

Seasoned dried zucchini 말린 호박 나물 : Dried zucchini definitely has different texture and flavour from fresh one. It is more chewy and a little bit sweeter,I think.

1. Soak dried zucchini in water for 30mins.

2. Chop 1 clove of garlic

3. Boil soaked dried zucchini with 3TSP of water, 1TSP of soy sauce and chopped garlic. Boil about 10mins and add sesame and sesame oil.

Really simple but depending on your sazón or 손맛(Korean), the taste can be pretty different.



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