Day 21 Dessert Vegan Chocolate Cup cake with Blackberry Elder jam

The other day, I found this wonderful and quick recipe for vegan chocolate cup(literally made in mug cup!) cake on the internet. (the blog is called Vegan Baking from Sinja, available in Korean at

If you already made the powder mix, it takes exactly 3 minutes to get extremely soft chocolate cake full of rich chocolate aroma!!! 3 minutes!!!!

I modified a little bit the recipe from Sinja, adding some almond powder and flaxseed powder to dry ingredients and adding blackberry elder jam on top of the cake after the cake is ready.

3 minutes Chocolate Cup Cake

3 minutes Chocolate Cup Cake

Ingredients for 6 portions of chocolate cake powder mix : Wholewheat flower 200gr, Cacao powder 50gr, Baking Power 1/2 tsp, Baking soda 1tsp, Vanilla Sugar 2TSPs, Starch 2TSPs, Sugar 6TSPs, Almond Powder 2TSPs, Flaxseed 1TSP

Liquid ingredients for one chocolate cup cake (cup size around 300ml) : 45ml of soy milk, 15ml of vegetable oil, 1tsp of lemon juice or 1/2tsp of vinegar

1. Mix all the dry ingredients in a blender.

2. Take 1 portion of dry ingredients for each cup and mix with liquid ingredients.

3. Microwave 2.5mins

4. Decorate with any type of berry jam and sugar powder and enjoy!

I was invited to a friend of mine for sunday lunch for a nice lentil soup with rice and I brought this chocolate cake with me. He didn’t recognize that this was “baked” in microwave!





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