Day 25 Lunch Garbanzo Pinto Tortilla Wrap

I´m lost in culture, identity and rights. All these words have so many definitions which could mean no definition…

So these days, it seems like I need more and more easy fix. For today’s menu, I needed to cook the garbanzo and pinto beans in advance, but once I cooked them in a pressure cooker, I needed around 15 mins to prepare this tortilla wrap. Pretty healthy but I wish I had some avocado and coriander at home…


Ingredients :

For the filling – cooked garbanzo(chickpea) and pinto beans, diced bell pepper(green and yellow), diced tomato, onion, diced beetroot, home made tomato salsa(with chipotle), salt, pepper, garlic powder and some dried herb

For the tofu mayo – tofu 200gr, vinegar 1/2 TSP, a little bit of cashew nut, 1TSP soy milk, salt

And of course, flour tortillas


Spread tofu mayo on a heated tortilla

Ready to roll the wrap!

Ready to roll the wrap!

Add some filling and roll!


I do recommend add some avocado and chopped fresh cilantro to the filling or you can make guacamole apart and eat it together with the tortilla wrap.






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