Day 23 Noodle Noodle Noodle – Korean ‘style’ fried noodle

I was going to make Korean Japche (noodle made of sweet potato starch) for my guests from Peru, but I ended up making only Korean ‘style’ fried noodle that could be any Asian dish.

Well, at least the sauce was more or less what I used to use for Japche.

I was kinda busy making different side dishes for the guests, so I forgot taking the final picture of the dish.

And the biggest failure of this dish was the false selection of noodle. There were tons of different Asian noodles in the Asian supermarket where I used to go and I bought a too thick one which was not even transparent, although I spend like 5 mins to choose this noodle. =/ What a disaster!

Anyway, I tried to include different colors and different flavours using broccoli, bell peppers, carrot, bean sprouts, onion, etc.

IMG_0137 IMG_0133

But yeah, the noodle was wrong…

For the sauce, I used soy sauce, sesame oil and plum syrup(instead of sugar) and 1TS of refined rice wine.

The result? It was edible…but I was not so satisfied…hopefully it was ok for my guests.


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