Day 26 Friday Lunch Korean Katoffelpuffer (pan fried potato)

Winter in Berlin is pretty gloomy and humid. And humid weather makes me crave for some fried food. There’s an old Korean pop song that goes ” if you don’t have anything todo, go home and make some mung-bean pancake”

I didn`t make mung-bean pancake. (the other day in supermarket, I saw mung bean and just now I realized that it was the same thing as Bindae (빈대) ! Hurray! My knowledge about beans is getting better and better ;)

But I bought more than 1 KG of potato a few days ago so I went for Korean pan fried potato, which is pretty similar to Katoffelpuffer in Germany. The only big difference is the sauce that you accompany. You can have Katoffelpuffer with some apple sauce or yoghurt herb sauce but for Korean Gamjajeon(pan fried potato), soy sauce is the right one.

Gamja-geon (Korean Katoffelpuffer)

Gamja-geon (Korean Katoffelpuffer)

1. Grate potatos.

2. Add salt & starch(for one big potato, 1 TSP) and some water, then the dough is ready.

3. Fry the dough.

I know that this is real simple but amazingly tasty.

For Korean meal, you never make only one dish. So my lunch table looked like the following:


Seaweed soup, Purple Sticky Rice, Soy sauce fake Jap-che, German Kohlrabi & Cucumber spicy salad and some other three side dishes.

In less than a month, I will leave Berlin and move to Mexico city and I still got a lot of Korean dried herbs and sauces…maybe this is one of the reason that I’m cooking more Korean these days. (But yeah, the biggest reason is that it is easy to veganize Korean recipes)



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