Day 27 Saturday Vegan Wholewheat Cinnamon Roll

For many days, I was thinking of making cinnamon roll. In my entire life, I had made only once cinnamon roll, maybe like 3-4 years ago…and at that time, I guess I used butter.

This time, no butter and no egg. So here you see my final result first.


In short, I think this 2nd cinnamon roll in my life was much better than the first one, because I was more patient with the fermentation for the dough. (But maybe, not sufficiently patient…?!?) And I liked the rather rough texture of whole wheat flour and subtle aroma from nutmeg.

Ingredients for 9 Cinnamon Rolls:

.for the dough – 400 gram of whole wheat flour, 50 gr sugar, 15gr fresh yeast ,210ml of Soy  milk, 2 TSP of soy butter, 1 TSP of gound flax seed mixed with 3 TSPs of warm water as a replacer for one egg

. for the filling – 100 gr brown sugar, 150 gr assorted chopped nuts & seeds(I used cashew, walnut, peanut and sunflower seeds), 15 gr cinnamon powder, 5 gr nutmeg powder, 40gr raisin, 2 TSPs of melted Soy butter

. for the icing – 1TSP of fresh lemon juice, 1TSP of soy milk, 100gr powder sugar, 1TSP of melted soy butter

1. Prepare the dough with wholewheat flour and yeast melted in warm soy milk. Mix the dough using electro-mixer at low speed and when the dough is almost ready, add 2TSPs of soy butter and finish the dough. Then, let the dough to be fermented in warm temperature for about 1 1/2 hrs.

After the 1st fermentation & filling

After the 1st fermentation & filling

2. While you are waiting for the dough, you can mix all the ingredients for filling

3. When the dough is ready – when it has approx. double size of the original dough, get some air of the dough out using hands and let it for 20mins for ventilation.

4. Work on the dough to make 30cmX40cm (thickness around 1cm) rectangular form.

5. Cover the dough with melted soy butter and then with the filling  like you can see on the below picture.


5. Roll it and seal it with some soy butter


6. Cut into 9 pieces and put them to be fermented again for about 30mins. (if the temperature is not warm enough, a little bit longer)


7. Bake at 190c for about 15-20 mins.

8. Prepare icing, mixing all the icing ingredients.

8. When the cinnamon rolls are cold enough, pour the icing on top of them.


*Caution : Baking cinnamon roll can be dangerous. It smells so good and it’s so hard to resist warm cinnamon rolls, especially in cold winter.









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