4 weeks already! Vegan Thai Yellow Curry with Tofu and sweet potato

Today is my 28th day of having vegan eating habits. Maybe it’s good time to think about what has been changed on my life?!

Unfortunately, I have been pretty stressed because of searching for next tenant for my apartment and a few things for the Univ., and I haven’t done that much physical activity like before.

And somehow,I have been eating more, probably because that I have been packing more stuff before I leave home, just in case that I get hungry and have no other option than eating bread. When I have some food in my bag, it doesn’t matter if I am hungry or not, I end up eating everything that I packed! Actually, there are many things available for a healthy snack for vegans in supermarket. Look, for example, the many sorts of fruits…but somehow, I felt I still needed to pack my own snack before I leave home…

I also have been craving more for sweet dessert…simply the idea that I can’t simply buy from local bakery made me bake some more stuff that I might not needed to. I’m even considering to make some Korean rice cake using oven and found some recipes for LA Korean rice cake!

On the other hand, I have learned about and recognized many other plant based ingredients that I hadn’t paid attention before, which is always good for diverse and balanced diet!

Finally, I decided to keep writing this blog after my 6 week experiment period. I’ll keep writing on this blog about my food related activities and thinking in Mexico. And I will figure out how to veganize some “traditional” “Mexican” dishes.

Today a friend of mine came over for dinner.  It’s been long time since we chatted so long and it was simply GREAT! And our dinner turned out pretty tasty,too!

Thai Yellow Curry with Tofu and Sweet Potato

Ingredients for 4 portions : 300gr Firm Tofu, 150ml of coconut milk, 100ml of water, 50gr peas, 3 potatoes, half of big size sweet potato, 1 carrot, 1 red chilli, 50gr string beans, 3 tsps of yellow curry paste, oil, salt, pepper, ginger, garlic, parsley


1. Heat 1TSP of oil on the pan and add chopped garlic and ginger.

2. Add in chopped chili and onion. Then, add 3tsps of yellow thai curry paste.


4. Add the coconut milk and water. Then, add chopped carrot, sweet potato and potato first. Cook for about 7 mins.


5. Add the other green ingredients. Cook for another 7-10 mins.


6. Add chopped tofu, season with salt and pepper and cook another 5-7 mins until all the ingredients are cooked. Add some parsley and sliced ginger in the end.



7. I cooked basmati rice in the rice cooker with some cardamon to give more aroma.

8. Serve on top of basmati rice. (but on the picture, unfortunately you can’t see the rice…)


As always, I made more than one portion. After having dinner, I packed one portion for my friend and kept the last portion for tomorrow. But this curry was so good and I feel like I could eat it more than one more time. I liked particularly the spicy flavour combined with sweet potato!

Thai curry with tofu, served in a restaurant

Thai curry with tofu, served in a restaurant

It was even better(?!?) than the curry that I had in Suksan(which I consider as a pretty good Thai restaurant in Berlin) the other day…but yeah, I should improve the aesthetic side yet.


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