Week 5 Monday Breakfast – Porridge with spelt flakes, banana and dried fruits

Generally I prefer hot food to cold one, probably as a good Korean(?!?) and especially in winter, breakfast also should have some warm component for me – at least, a slice or two of toasted bread.

Having checked some of recent breakfast menues of my friend Bora(who is my partner for this 6 week vegan project), I made this poddrige with spelt flakes for the first time since I started vegan diet.

I’m sure that this recipe works with rolled oats but I only had spelt flakes, this is the only reason that I used spelt instead of rolled oats. (someone told me that spelt has more fiber than oats)

Ingredients for 2 servings:

1 cup of spelt flakes soaked in half cup of water over night

Half cup of soy milk and another half cup of water

1 ripe banana

3 dried apricots

3 dried dates

1tsp of cinnamon powder

Cook softened spelt flakes in water soy milk mixture

Add chopped banana, dried apricots and dates

Add cinnamon powder and serve

Spelt Porridge with banana, dried apricot and date

Spelt Porridge with banana, dried apricot and date




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