Day 2 Dinner Couscous salad with peas & tofu

Hi everybody!

It´s 7 pm here in Berlin and my second day of being vegan is ending and I feel great.

Breakfast and lunch were not so special but for sure, delicious!

As usual, I had my bowl of fruit and soy cappucino for breakfast. This time, I mixed in two T/S of spelt flakes (similar to oatmeal) and added a little bit of multi-vitamin juice to make them soft. I changed the type of fruit for this morning, adding strawberry to my usual mix of apple and banana.

I had a class from 12 to 2 p.m. so after jogging with a friend of mine after a breakfast, I had a snack of a rice waffle with peanut butter spread and a mandarine.

Still I was pretty hungry after my class, so I ran home immediately after my portuguese class and just made a green salad (dressing : ground flaxseed plus balsamic vinegar – this time, I didn´t mistake soy sauce for balsamic vinegar!) and heated up the remaining lentil cauliflower soup. The batch that I made yesterday was pretty big and after eating twice, I still have two more portions to go! But the good thing of lentil soup is that it gets more flavour when you heat it up…at least, I think this way!

For dinner, I tried something new. This time, again, I made a huge portion as always!

Couscous salad with peas & tofu

Ingredients : 1 cup Couscous, 100 gram of firm tofu, 100 gram peas, one carrot, half of cucumber, half of shallot, dijon-mustard, a T/S of tomato paste, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, pepper and salt

It´s incredible how little time that I need for cooking vegan dishes! To make this salad, I needed around 15 mins which is nothing. You can cook couscous with warm water in about 10 minutes, meanwhile, you boil the peas. And chop all the vegetables and tofu. Mix tofu with a T/S of dijon mustard to give some extra flavour to it. Mix all the other ingredients with now cooked couscous and season with two different types of vinegar and a little bit of olive oil, pepper and salt. If you have some fresh parsley, add some of it. I only had a dried one but maybe I get some fresh one tomorrow and add it to the remaining salad.

Together with this salad, I had some oven-baked brussels sprouts with miso or doenjang in Korean (fermented soy bean paste), honey, soy sauce, chili powder and chopped walnuts. This recipe is also amazing and I highly recommend you this, especially for now that brussels sprouts are in season!

I even had a dessert! I should admit that I love food!! My dessert was of course vegan and it was sweet potato mousse with red bean. Very simple but yummy.
(blend cooked sweet potato, then add some cooked red bean, a T/S of honey and max. half cup of soy milk…this is it!)

Time to go for some swimming for me! See you tomorrow!

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