Week 5 Wednesday Mexican Brunch (Chilaquiles, Refried beans & Avocado)

This wednesday, I was invited to a brunch at  Brenda, a Mexican friend from Monterrey.
Actually we just met a week ago in a party and I was very happy that I could join her for the wonderful Mexican brunch(?!?).

Chilaquiles is one of my favourite dish in Mexico and Mexican restaurants abroad normally do not serve this dish. So it’s been so long since I had my last Chilaquiles and this brunch was indeed something very special for me.

Brenda has a good sazón and I really liked her salsa for the chilaquiles. She even made the tortillas by herself. (she has a metalic tortilla maker at home, which I definitely would bring to Germany from Mexico this time) Fresh corn tortilla is not at all easy to get in Germany!

Although I didn’t make the Chilaquiles by myself, I did ask her recipe.

Ingredients for the salsa for 3 -4 portions:

3 big tomatoes, 2 fresh red chilies, 1-2 cloves garlic, 1/2 onion, water, salt

Other ingredients : Fresh corn tortillas, oil to fry the tortillas


1. Make tortillas or if you are in Mexico, buy fresh ones from your tortillería in the corner(in less than a month, I will be able to do this,too!)

2. Fry tortillas and let them cool

3. Cut them into triangle forms and blend all the ingredients for the salsa.

4. Pour salsa to tortillas and simmer at low temperature for 5 mins

5. Decorate with coriander and serve!

(Normally Chilaquiles is served with fresh cheese, which I omitted for the vegan version)

Lovely Chilaquiles, Refried Beans and Mashed Avocado

Lovely Chilaquiles, Refried Beans and Mashed Avocado

This was definitely a memorable meal of the month (or even of this year) for me.





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