Week 5 Sunday lunch Korean Lunar New Year’s holiday special

Once again, I spent Seollal(Korean Lunar New Year’s holiday) in Berlin. I don’t consider myself particularly Korean but for such kind of important holidays, I feel like that I must eat the special dish.

So with a special feeling of responsibility, I prepared the rice cake soup. In Korea, eating this rice cake soup has a symbolic meaning of getting one year older. (Since everyone eats this dish together, everyone becomes one year older together!)

This is my Seollal lunch special …well…compared with Seollal food with family, this is NOTHING. But it was enough to matar a saudade (kill nostalgia)

Seollal for myself

Seollal for myself


I prepared rice cake soup with algae and perilla seeds powder. Then I made two types of Korean vegetable dishes. (One with the “fragnant edible wild stuff” and the other with dried sweet potato vines) Also I made a pancake with shredded potato and carrot. ( I added 1TSP of flaxseed powder to the pancake dough, instead of egg)

For dinner, I didn’t prepare anything Korean but had a Thai yellow curry with eggplant and sweet potato.




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