Day 3 Breakfast Tofu Menemem

Celebrating wednesday which is my little in-between day off before weekend, I decided to make a savoury breakfast instead of my usual fruit-cereal bowl.

Pepe’s scrambled tofu(Rührtofu) recipe gave me the idea of making this originally egg-based turkish breakfast dish. Basically I substituted eggs with scrambled firm tofu mixed with turmeric powder. IMG_0005

I don´t think turmeric powder changes that much flavour of tofu but it makes scrambed tofu look more like scrambed eggs. Making fake egg is not my concern but the title of the menu is menemem, so today I did take a little bit more care of the aesthetical side ;)

Other ingredients for Tofu Menemem is : a green bell pepper, a shallot, a tomato, all chopped , one T/S of chopped garlic (can be minced, also but I was lazy to mince it!), pepper and salt to taste


First, you prepare a small pan and drizzle max. one T/S of olive oil and when the pan is hot, stir in chopped shallot and garlic. Then, add chopped bell pepper and tomato. Lastly, add in scrambled tofu already seasoned with turmeric powder. Salt and pepper to your taste!

And my Tofu Menemem looked like this one! (together with some couscous salad left over from yesterday)



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