Vegan Korean Oven Rice Cake with Beans

After too stressful two weeks in cleaning and renovating my apartment in Berlin(not anymore mine by now), I arrived to Mexico city yesterday night. Despite of the delay of my flight, Sra.Adriana and her neighbor Sra.Lupita waited more than 1 and half hrs for me with a big orange color sign with “Celeste” on it.

And I got 180 days of permit to stay in Mexico! (I will be staying in Mexico for 174 days)I just got to know that it is impossible to change the tourist visa to any other type of visa after the entry since last novemeber, so this is definitely a good news.

I wanted to post the vegan Korean oven rice cake recipe before I forget. It was my first time to try out this recipe but the result was not bad at all. To my surprise, a lot of my German and Latin american friends enjoyed it!

I made two slightly different types of rice cake, one with black beans and raisins, another with red beans, dried dates and apricots.
Both of them were pretty good and they were best when they were hot and chewy.

Here you have the ingredients: 400gr of sticky rice powder, 600ml of soy milk or any plant milk, ar. 350 gram of cooked beans, sunflower seeds and dried fruits. (I liked the combination with dried apricots and dates better than raisin somehow), 1 Flax egg(1 TSP of ground flaxseed with 3 TSPs of hot water), 50gr of sugar, 1 TSP of black sesame, a little bit of oil to coat the baking pan.

Ingredients for Korean Oven Rice Cake

Ingredients for Korean Oven Rice Cake

Mix the rice powder with flax egg and soy milk. Then add beans, nuts or seeds and dried fruits. Sprinkle with black sesame. Bake at 180c for 40 mins. I used 40cmX40cm baking pan slightly coated with oil.

IMG_0279 IMG_0267

Easier than muffin except the fact that you need to cook the beans beforehand. And the recipe contains almost no oil and very little amount of sugar.

Healthy and yummy, definitely I recommend this recipe to all of you who has nostalgia of Korean rice cake.


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