Mole with Romeritos, Nopales(Paddle cactus) and potato

A few days ago, I prepared (not from scratch) a type of mole for the first time in my life. Although Adriana and I used the already prepared mole powder (this has plenty of different chili powders, seeds and nuts and cholocate), it took me at least half an hour to prepare the mole sauce, adding water little by little and stirring all the time. I even had to take turns using both hands.

Trying Romerito was also my first try in my life. I looked up on the net to find an equivalent word in English but Wikipedia describes Romerito as a wild plant common in Mexico, well…some ingredients are truly local and I would like to discover as many new¬† ingredients as possible during my stay here.

As usual, to make mole using the powder, people add chicken broth but to make vegan version, we just added water. And I heard that it’s common to add shrimps with the combination of Romeritos, nopales and potato. But of course, we excluded shrimps,too.


Mole with Romeritos, Nopales and Potato

Mole with Romeritos, Nopales and Potato

Sra. Adriana told me that this dish tastes even better next day, because all the ingredients gain more flavour of mole after some time.

I served this dish with guacamole, a vegetable dish with pumpkin flower and blue corn tortillas.

Fresh guacamole, Mole with Romeritos, Blue corn tortillas and pumpkin flower

Fresh guacamole, Mole with Romeritos, Blue corn tortillas and pumpkin flower

I don’t think I had lot’s of blue corn tortillas in Guadalajara but I’m liking them a lot!


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