Mexican Antojitos – Sopes with refried beans & Scrambled eggs in Pasilla chili sauce

A lot of people in Mexico city finish their work in weekdays pretty late, around 8 – 10 pm and the subway works only until 12 am. In this sense, it looks like that weekends are highly important for capitalinos who work.

I have the privilege of being student but almost all friends of mine here work so, only finally today, after spending a week in Mexico city, I could meet Samanta and her whole family. When I came to Mexico in 2010 for a week, I could meet Samanta but not other members of her family and when her mom, Lucero gave me a hug, I couldn’t help myself but cry. I was just happy to see them again!

It was good that they are living in the same place back in 2005 and they even had a picture of me back in 2002 or so in their living room. OMG!

I arrived shortly before 3pm to their place and after having two glasses of agua fresca of mint and lemon, we started preparing Sopes with refried beans, Panela cheese(a type of fresh cheese common in Mexico) and lettuce and scrambled eggs in Pasilla chili sauce.

First, Lucero showed me how to prepare pasilla chili sauce. Not to make too spicy sauce, we took out all the seeds and vains of the chili. Then we cooked dried pasilla chilis in hot water for about 15 minutes. We mixed chilis, half of a clove of garlic and 1 quarter of onion in a mixer and simmered the sauce until it gets a different flavour – literally this is what she said to me as an instruction to get the sauce ready. I’d say that it took us about 20- 25 mins.

While I was stirring the sauce, Midori, the sister of Samanta prepared scrambled eggs. Around 4 eggs for 5 people. When the sauce was ready, we added scrambled eggs to the sauce and it was ready already! Adriana told me that adding nopal(paddle cactus) is also a good idea to make this dish even better.

The sauce had a dark brown color and it tasted so great, it had a very subtle spicy flavour and even sweetness, as if we put some chocolate in it or so.

I didn’t carry my camera so the quality of the picture is pretty bad, but anyway, to give you an idea what the scrambled eggs in Pasilla chili sauce looks like, here you have the picture :


To prepare sopes, Midori and César(her boyfriend) bought one kilo of fresh corn dough. 1 kilo of corn dough is a lot and we used half of the dough to make around 40 sope doughs.

I was in charge of making the dough using the wooden utensil to make tortilla. We toasted the tortilla in a large comal and when the tortilla was cooked – when it raises, it means that the tortilla is ready – we worked the edge of the tortilla to make sope. The tortilla was still very hot and I almost burned my fingers!

We also “prepared” the refried beans, again, using the can of already prepared refried beans.

To serve sope, you put a layer of refried beans, then some lettuce and panela cheese. To serve, you add some salsa. The salsa for today was red salsa with chile verde and tomato. And I got to know that it is common to fry already cooked sope dough in lard(manteca). I don’t like the smell of lard and asked not to fry sope dough for me. My sope was just good and lighter than the fried ones and surely, healthier.

To finish the meal, Lucero made café de olla con canela (boiled coffee in a pot with cinnamon) and I had a small piece of cake.  When we started our lunch, it was already after 5 pm and I was full until I went to bed at around 11 pm. 3 sopes and a good portion of scrambed eggs in pasilla sauce were maybe more than enough but I really enjoyed sharing meal with all the family members of Sam.

Next time, I would like to prepare a vegan chocolate cake with cherries for them. =)




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