Day 4 Dinner Roasted bell pepper Hummus with carrot stick + wholewheat bread

My computer is not working properly and I almost went to bed, but then, something was missing, right! Writing a post here!!

Today was a busy day, so simple dish like hommus was perfect! I wanted to give a little twist to the usual Hummus, so I added roasted bell pepper – Bora, a friend of mine who lives in Barcelona brought it to me from Spain! – to the usual recipe.

Ingredients: a can(yeah, I was busy…) of chick pea, two cloves of garlic(i love garlic but if u don’t, just add one), extra virgin olive oil, one T/S of Tahini( sesame paste), juice of half of a lemon, 50 gr of roasted bell pepper( if u have time, u can roast it in a thick fan by yourself) and salt.

Mix everything in a powerful mixer or in food processor and here you go, you alread have lovely tasty Hummus!


I was quite hungry this time again, so I had a small size wholewheat bread ( it’s called Brötchen here in Germany) and a carrot from a big carrot together with my hummus.


The above quantity makes at least two portions ( of course, everything depends on ur appetite!), I think.

I have a problem of making huge portion of everything, as we say in Korean, I got a big hand!!!


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