Home-made vegetarian Enfrijoladas (Similar to Enchiladas but in bean sauce)

It took me a while to come back to write a new post. I have been rather busy, training myself for a half marathon for the first time in my life. The D-day was the last sunday and I made it without any injury! My goal was making it in 2 hrs and it took me 1 minute and 57 seconds more than I wished. Not that bad. There were so many people (we were all together 14.000 runners) and sometimes it was hard to run straight because of all those people.

I was pretty nervous before the run and had to go to the bathroom for 3 times. I was also concerned because of a sudden pain on the ankle but everything turned out all right. One thing that surprised me a lot was the long queue for the toilets during the trail.

Yesterday, I just registered myself for another half marathon before I leave Mexico city. The next one starts even earlier, at 7 am and I will go for less than 2 hrs this time. Although I don’t make it, it’s all right. I just want to do it again, cause I enjoyed it pretty much last time.

So, the recipe that I want to write about this time is for Enfrijoladas. In spanish, prefix “en” means in and “frijol” means bean, so this dish is something in bean. What could be this something? The staple in Mexico, yeah, right. The corn tortillas! So, basically “Enfrijoladas” are all about tortillas in bean sauce. Enchiladas are tortillas in chile sauce and enmoladas are tortillas in mole.

I’ve tried this dish in a pretty nice restaurant but home-made ones are the best. The original recipe is from Adriana, the mother of my friend Waldo. She is a superb cook and I love her saz√≥n.

Ingredients for 4 portions:

12 corn tortillas, 3 cups of cooked beans (you can use black beans, pinto beans or any beans that you have at home), 1 cup of water (preferably the water that you cooked beans in), 10 dried avocado leaves (if you only have fresh ones, dry them in a pan, this ingredient is the key to get the flavor of the entire dish!!!), 2 green chile or 1 habanero chile and salt to taste

As for filling, ingredients depend pretty much on your own choice. For vegetarian version, I made some “quelite” (a type of leaf vegetable used in Mexican cuisine) with onion and tomato for the filling. But if you eat dairy, you can fill the tortilla with some fresh cheese.


1. For the sauce, put beans, water, dried avocado leaves , chile of your choice and salt in a blender and mix it until you have a creamy sauce.

2. Fry tortillas with a little bit of vegetable oil and as you can see on the below picture, fill the tortilla with the filling of your choice.

Filling tortilla with quelite

Filling tortilla with quelite

Slightly fried and filled tortilla

Slightly fried and filled tortilla

3. Use toothpicks to seal the tortillas.

4. Boil the bean sauce and put the filled tortillas in the sauce for 20 seconds. (Unless, the tortilla will be too softened!)

5. Serve with onion and fresh cheese(if you want to)

With onion

With onion

with onion and fresh cheese

with onion and fresh cheese

Rainy season came so it was rather dark when I took the picture. Sorry for the bad quality picture. So here it goes another picture of enfrijolada. This one is with black bean and when I uploaded this picture , a friend of mine asked me if it was a chocolate based dish!

Enfrijoladas with black bean



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