Vegan? OMG!! Why I want to try this six week vegan experiment

A few days ago, I set up my new year’s resolutions for 2013 and the first thing on the list was going for vegan life for six weeks in this year.

I would like to share my idea about why I want to go on vegan and how I go through changes during this experiment with myself through this blog.

First of all, a little bit about myself……

I stopped eating meat somewhere in fall, 2001. As a first-year student at the university, I joined a group named S.A.F.E.(Students’ Action for the Earth) and as a part of group activity, we made a seminar on vegetarianism focusing on the connection of massive meat consumption and global warming. So I already had some background information why we´d better reduce our meat consumption for the health of our planet but until I attended a vegetarian festival in Seoul that fall, I never thought of stopping eating meat. I simply thought it was impossible for me to stop eating meat and meat was essential to be healthy.

But the impact of the vegetarian festival was huge on me and on some other friends of my group and we were quite a few when we started not eating meat. Unfortunately, maybe due to the vegetarian-unfriendly atmosphere at those days in Korea, most of us went back to eating meat. Somehow, for me, it was not so hard not eating meat.

Our body sometimes follows what our mind wants in an incredible way and since I had thought meat is not delicious, I simply lost my appetite for meat. It was and is still a wonder how this process happened to me so quickly. Also, probably it helped me a lot that I kept eating seafood and fish.

Then in 2003, I decided cutting fish and seafood from my diet and until I got my first job in a normal Korean conglomerate, I kept my lacto ovo diet. The fact that I didn´t eat meat was seen as something totally weird by my bosses and co-workers and they had hard time in choosing a restaurant for team gathering due to my “weird” diet. Most of them thought that I wanted to lose weight and that´s why I was not eating meat. Then one day, one of my big boss asked, ” at least you eat fish, don’t you?” I couldn´t say no and I had to eat raw fish with them. Since then, it seems like I gained my appetite for fish again and up to now I´ve been eating fish and seafood.

Just a month or so ago, a friend of mine recommended me a book called Eat to Live. This book was the inspiration for me to think going on vegan. In last november, I actually followed the recommended diet by the author, Joel Fuhrman and an unbelievable thing happened to me.
Although I had some dairy and fish occasionally, changing my diet mostly to plant-based one made me lose 3kgs. Unfortunately, Christimas was a big temptation for me, especially cause I live in Germany where Christmas matters much more than in my home country Korea. During this holiday, I had much more greesy food and super sweat dessert, taking salad and green produce only as a side dish. So I gained a few pounds back…

Although it´s been a while since I had my meat dish last and except those undergraduate days, I never tried to convince people to stop eating meat. I believe in various benefits of plant-based diet but I also understand that it is hard to change our foodways drastically.

So what I aim with this 6 week vegan project is to contribute a little to make others think about consequences of their daily meat consumption and factory farming and to encourage more people to reconsider their diet and increase the portion of plant-based produce instead of animal-based ones. Also I´m very excited to observe consequent changes of going vegan on my mind and body!

I will share my experience with you as much as I can and hope you like my stories.



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