Day 7 Sunday special Mango Avocado Bean salad

It’s been a while since I had a huge salad as main dish, although I wrote on a big paper ” Salad is the main dish” and hang it on my fridge after reading Eat to Live.

So I made a gigantic Mango Avocado Bean salad for myself :

Mango Avocado Bean Salad

Mango Avocado Bean Salad

Ingredients : (always very simple) 1 diced Tomato, a handful of spinach, lettuce, lemon juice (from half of a fresh lemon), cooked beans, half of diced mango, half of diced avocado, half of diced shallot & olive oil

The only thing you need to prepare before cutting the fresh ingredients is cooking beans. I always cook using my pressure rice cooker (I might change the name to bean cooker) after soaking the beans for 8 hrs or so. To get more flavour, I add a few bay leaves, dried oregano, basil or both &  a clove of garlic in the rice cooker. In less than an hour, you have nicely cooked beans this way.

Today is my seventh day being vegan and I haven’t felt that being vegan is tough or something, in the sense that I miss something or so. I don’t really crave for something…at least not yet.

But after talking with a school friend  who went back to meat diet after being vegetarian for 8 years, a few questions arose about being vegan.

I’m of the opinion that commensality is central in building relationship.  And those who eat together often share same dish and through this, they develop a kind of We-ness, drawing a line between them and those who are perceived as others.

And not everybody has the same mind and some might simply shut their mind and not even try to understand other people’s philosophy (or to take a lighter word, life style).

Anthropologists should be open to different cultures and sometimes, I guess that they should accept anything offered by the research subjects to build rapport and to pursue the goal of the research.

If it is so, being vegan and being Anthropologist at the same time are ok? Is it possible? Those who don’t eat everything (although I don’t think that meat-eaters eat everything!) will be in serious trouble to mix in different cultural groups?

The answer is not simple, but for now, I’m just happy that I have 5 more weeks to think about this issue. And well, from time to time, you might eat everything if it is to achieve something important in your life. The question is that you can remain flexible all the time … like I wrote once, it’s easier than we think to control our body through the power of our mind and we might end up hating the flavour of every animal produce and can’t stand the flavour.






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